Troye Lilley Mastering upgrades with PMC

Published: MEA

Troye Lilley Mastering upgrades with PMC

SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Town-based mastering facility, Troye Lilley Mastering, has invested in a pair of PMC IB1S speakers as part of an upgrade to its monitoring solution. The new monitors were supplied via the British manufacturer’s local distributor, Benjamin Pro Audio.

‘I was looking for a monitor with a great low end response, critical in the midrange and detailed in the highs,’ recalled mastering engineer, Troye Lilley. ‘The PMCs did not disappoint! If something is unduly harsh in the midrange, the PMCs will let me know.’

One of the key criteria for Mr Lilley in his selection were monitors that would allow him to keep working for long periods. ‘With my last monitoring system, I was suffering fatigue sooner than I would like,’ he explained. ‘The PMC IB1S monitors allow me to work longer hours without getting as tired and that was not just an added bonus but also a major factor in my decision to buy them. They give an accurate representation for critical and fine decision making, as well as allowing me to hear what’s happening in the bass region even at lower SPLs. However, if I need to crank it, the PMC IB1S has oodles of power.’

Having selected the speakers, the main challenge for Mr Lilley came with finding the correct positioning, most notably with the correct height for the tweeter in relation to his ears. ‘The placement was initially a little bit tricky as my first impulse was to position the monitors in the same way as I had all my previous systems,’ he recalled. ‘But I found that the speakers benefit from not being toed in. Instead, pointing them directly forward resulted in the best imaging because of their wide natural dispersion in the highs and midrange. The fact that the PMCs can be placed close to the boundary wall also allowed me to utilise the somewhat diminutive floor space to its best advantage.’

With the monitors correctly positioned, the mastering engineer is clearly satisfied with his purchase. ‘The PMC speakers make doing what I love so much easier,’ concluded Mr Lilley.

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