Uberhaus gets Lebanon’s first Evo 6E

Published: MEA

Uberhaus gets Lebanon’s first Evo 6E

LEBANON: Audiotec Group has installed a Funktion One Evo 6E solution into the new winter venue of Beirut club, Uberhaus. This is the first time an Evo system has been installed in the country.

‘The club owners put the sound system as their top priority, they wanted to have something that will create a buzz in the industry and ensure Uberhaus is featured in the top club sound systems around the world,’ said Audiotec Group managing partner, Ralph Choueiri. ‘I heard the Evo 6E at their launch in Frankfurt and I was simply blown away. When the owners asked me which speaker to use for their system I didn’t think twice about it.’

To cover the venue, Audiotec installed a system comprising eight Evo 6E cabinets in a four point setup firing at the dancefloor and four F221 subs placed in a mono block in the centre position underneath the DJ booth. Despite the potential for difficult acoustics, Mr Choueiri states that there were no challenges with the project. ‘The venue is made of empty shipping containers. We were afraid that with such speakers and low frequency power we would have everything resonate. But the team at local acoustic consultancy, 21dB, did a great job with the acoustic treatment of the venue which helped us achieve such an amazing sound,’ he explained.

‘We are very proud to have Funktion One as our partner in all of our projects and our latest instalment of the Evo 6E with a four point system transformed our club into a powerful beast that growls from within,’ said Uberhaus managing partner, Ali Saleh. ‘International artists were shocked by the crisp quality of those speakers and the bass is so powerful that we had to build a five-ton concrete booth to avoid vibrations.’

‘We are very happy with the result; this venue’s sound system is simply the best we’ve ever installed or listened to yet,’ concluded Mr Choueiri. ‘The client was simply blown away by the result. The energy and power you get when dancing is just beyond words.’


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