UFO delivers the lectures at the University of Petra

Published: MEA

UFO delivers the lectures at the University of Petra

JORDAN: One of Jordan’s top universities, the University of Petra, has undergone a transformation in recent years to become ‘smart campus’ with the installation of e-learning, e-library and high speed communication technology. Building upon its dedication to providing students and faculty with an environment that encourages interactivity, the university has equipped its auditorium with a UFO-2000 series conference system from BXB. The system was designed and installed by the manufacturer’s local partner Loriana Co Ltd, with Fikri Qadri serving as project manager.

When seeking out a system, the university’s authority required a solution that provided simple operation, camera tracking capabilities and the ability to be integrated with the auditorium’s seats as well as good sound quality. With these customer specifications in mind, BXB supplied 23 flush-mounted armchair microphones. Completing he solution are a chairman unit, a UFO-2050 main control unit and the UFO-2070 control software, while the university has also invested speakers from Panasonic and d&b as well as a Sony camera.

The microphones deployed were coated with an aluminium finish and are set up to enable their removal when the university requires the auditorium for functions that do not require them.

‘We really like the aluminium flush-mounted microphones,’ said the university president, Dr Adnan Badran. ‘The quality and design is absolutely what we needed to adapt in our auditorium.’


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