X-Line Advance hits Ghana

Published: MEA

X-Line Advance hits Ghana

GHANA: Electro-Voice’s X-Line Advance has been demonstrated for the first time in Africa by the manufacturer’s Ghanaian partner, Upswing Music Company (UMC). A large crowd estimated to number between 200 and 300 were present at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra to hear the outdoor demo of the X2 system.

‘This was a very successful product awareness event and we at Upswing are very proud to have pioneered the introduction of the X-Line Advance into Africa,’ said UMC senior executive, Joseph Mbrokoh-Ewoal. ‘In my estimation the event went very well. This is a view that is shared by all the members of the Upswing Music team.’

The demonstration itself was a culmination of several days of training presented by manufacturer representatives covering Electro-Voice and Dynacord products. Mario Bentley (sales manager Electro-Voice and Dynacord MEA) and Tony Sawyer (application specialist prosound) travelled from the Bosch regional office in Dubai to host sessions on basic acoustics, line array theory, subwoofer setups and tonality. While the training itself was obviously important, the participation of manufacturer representatives was particularly appreciated. ‘It increased the confidence our customers had in the brand in that it demonstrated to our customers that we have the backing of our manufacturer in guaranteeing them a long term service from the products we supply,’ explained Mr Ewoal. ‘This for me is particularly important in a market bedevilled with imitation products.’

Prior to the X-Line Advance demo, the audience of sound engineers, architects, church leaders, audio technicians, musicians and the media had the opportunity to experience some of the manufacturers other products in the ballroom of the Mövenpick Accra. The hall was divided into three zones dedicated to different product categories. Equipment including the ZXA1, ZLX, Live X, EKX and ETX systems from EV and Dynacord’s TS200, TS400, PM502, AXM 12A, CMS and PowerMate series were all on show.

‘People were stunned by the power of the units and the flexibility and synergy between the portable models,’ declared Mr Ewoal. ‘We believe this should translate into more sales for our MI team.’ While these were well-received, it was the X-Line Advance demo that stole the show.

‘For me, as well as some of our customers present, the sheer clarity and power from such a small sized box was simply phenomenal,’ said Mr Ewoal. ‘I had previously heard the system indoors at Straubing, but hearing it outdoors was a whole new experience. The X2 Line Array system has no equal in Ghana. We are very confident it would be very successful for both installed applications and rental businesses.’

‘The system was widely and positively received, with many saying that this was a revolution on its own,’ added Mr Bentley, Africa sales manager for the manufacturer. ‘There was so much learned, and experience gained by all the Upswing staff, who were more excited at being the first in all Africa to be owners of the latest and the best from EV. They were grateful for the time and positive approach of the EV staff, and all the training and knowledge transfer they experienced, which then gave them a huge impetus when going out to meet customers. They are more empowered and will sell with conviction, because they know more now!’

Following the success of this event, UMC is planning on hosting more training sessions in the country during 2016. ‘I can say confidently that Upswing has gained a lot of credibility with the market with this gesture,’ said Mr Ewoal. ‘I have had chats with the engineers who attended and they are simply in awe that we could put this together for them at no fee. We at Upswing have always indicated our commitment to improving the knowledge base of the pro audio industry in Ghana and this has just come to confirm such a commitment.’


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