18Sound takes HF to the next generation

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18Sound takes HF to the next generation

The next generation of Eighteen Sound’s 3-inch diaphragm HF compression drivers have been unveiled by the Reggio Emilia-based transducer manufacturer. The new family includes two neodymium drivers, the ND3T and the ND3ST, and one ceramic version named HD3000T. According to the manufacturer, all models have been developed with the specific aim of natural sound reproduction while being able to generate very high SPLs.

The ND3T features a 1.4-inch exit neodymium driver designed to fulfil and very compact dimensions with an overall diameter of 109mm. Despite the size, the ND3T’s neodymium magnet assembly has been designed to obtain 20KGauss in the gap, which Eighteen Sounds says results in ‘major benefits in transient response’. Another feature of the new generation models is the proprietary metal phase plug with four circumferential slots. Eighteen Sound states that the copper ring on the pole piece contributes to the reduction of inductance effects and related distortion, while the diaphragm kit’s self-centring design allows precision mounting and easy servicing. The ND3ST shares the same phase plug and diaphragm geometry as the ND3T in a slightly larger size, in order to reach an even higher flux density.

The HD3000T is the ceramic model of the new family and is suitable for all applications where weight and size are not strict issue but yet a high standard must still be maintained.


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