All systems go

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All systems go

With its SystemOn audio asset management software, Shure is offering management of mission critical or large audio hardware deployments. The software provides centralised IT support and real-time troubleshooting for the manufacturer’s Microflex Wireless and ULXD Wireless systems and the SCM820 automatic mixer.

SystemOn is capable of remotely monitoring battery life, audio levels, and RF/spectrum status for various Shure hardware devices from a central location. It offers a hardware status view that identifies issues such as dead batteries and missing equipment and enables remote adjustment of channel level, mute status, and other parameters. According to the manufacturer, the link between its software and hardware ‘provides greater convenience for technicians’ and serves as a ‘comprehensive, cost-effective solution that does not require complicated programming like third-party control systems’.

SystemOn software is sold through a subscription license that covers a defined time period, ranging from one to five years. Each network-connected device – such as an MXWAPT access point and MXWNCS charger, ULX-D receiver, or SCM820 automatic mixer – requires one license.

In related news, VHF frequency bands have been added to Shure’s ULX-D and QLX-D digital wireless systems. These VHF options will provide users with 42MHz of tuning bandwidth and build on an existing portfolio of Shure wireless products designed to offer alternatives for the increasingly crowded UHF TV Band.

The new VHF options offer the same features and benefits as the UHF systems including spectrum efficiency, recharging accessories, networking options, and rugged construction for everyday use. A variety of VHF-ready accessories are available, including the UA844+V antenna distribution system, UA834V in-line amplifier, UA874V active directional antenna, and UA860V passive, ground-referenced omnidirectional antenna. The UA845UWB antenna distribution system is switchable for UHF/VHF.

Away from wireless technology, Shure has also released a pair of accessories for its earphones. The Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable features a premium inline DAC and stereo headphone amplifier for use with any iOS device with a Lightning connector. It is reportedly the first and only accessory cable with MMCX connectors, providing digital iOS compatibility for all detachable SE Sound Isolating earphones. The second release a Remote + Mic Accessory Cable designed for detachable SE earphones and Apple iOS devices with 3.5mm TRRS connectors. Both cables work with SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535, and SE846.

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