All work and no play for Martin Pro

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All work and no play for Martin Pro

The latest addition to Martin Professional’s M-Series lighting controller family, the M-Play surface, is a playback controller, designed to offer versatility, new playback-specific tools and responsive performance. It features 512 DMX channels and is able to expand to accommodate 65,000 channels, offering users a scalable solution for when their needs change.

M-Play also includes FSR fader technology, pressure-sensitive buttons and velocity sensitivity, which combined aim to deliver precise, responsive control of fixtures. It is a dual bank system made with an aluminium construction that houses two separate and independent playback sections, each of which possesses its own bank of controls. Also included are 12 FSR faders, in addition to 48 direct-access playback and function keys and a DMX 512 port. It connects to any M-Series console or a PC running M-PC software via USB.

Also joining the M-Series family are the M1 HD and the M2GO HD processing units. Both are compatible with all of the other M-Series consoles and PC software and come bundled with the Martin One-Key dongle. A pair of Ethernet RJ45 ports for Artnet, sACN and tracking backup, seven USB ports and Midi and SMPTE interfaces are all built-in to both models.

The M1 HD builds on the M1, and delivers 40 universes of DMX, Artnet and sACN. It features four encoders on the right side of the head display in addition to the original four. This, the Harman-brand states, ‘means that any parameter, effects or speed control can be assigned and mapped by the user’.

Retaining much of the original M1’s design, the M1 HD possesses 22 playback faders, 64 playbacks buttons, main go section, grand master control, four encoders, numerical keypad, 12 user function keys and five LCD buttons, four DMX ports and one DMX input.

The M2GO HD is designed to survive life on the road with a reportedly ‘rugged’ build. It provides 20 universes of DMX, Artnet and sACN and builds upon the original M2GO by adding a high resolution multitouch LCD display, as well as four additional encoders in much the same way as the M1 HD.

A total of 10 playbacks, 40 playbacks buttons, a main go section, grand master control, four encoders, numerical keypad, eight user function keys and a 3.5-inch display all feature as part of the M2GO HD, as well as four DMX ports which are also able to serve as DMX inputs.

Away from the M-Series, Martin Pro has also unveiled the VDO Face 5, a 5mm video panel developed for both outdoor and indoor applications and compatible with all of the manufacturer’s LED video products. When combined with other Martin Pro systems, VDO Face 5 is designed to create a complete visual solution.

‘The VDO Face 5 is driven by the Martin P3 System Controller family, which opens up new creative potential for fully integrated, complete LED video solutions,’ explains the manufacturer’s international product manager - LED video, Wouter Verlinden. ‘The panels are calibrated, so you can add more video panels to your existing stock anytime, if needed, and they will look the same. Calibration and LED aging compensation also means we have effectively doubled the lifetime compared to similar products.’

And finally, returning to the M-Series, Martin Professional has updated the M-PC software to provide expanded DMX resources, increasing the DMX output of the free version of the software to four Artnet, sACN or Martin USB DMX ports. Changes come as part of a software update, and the manufacturer has confirmed that the Pro Kit version of M-PC has been opened up to include 64 DMX universes, including a Martin One-Key and a Martin M-DMX, while M-PC Ultimate increases access to 128 universes.

In addition, Martin Pro notes that ‘all restrictions are removed from existing M-Series consoles, giving each device unlimited access to DMX outputs based on the consoles processing power’.

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