Altinex offers HDMI transmission over AC cords

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Altinex offers HDMI transmission over AC cords

Altinex is targeting temporary digital signage applications with its TP315-103 Anywire transmitter and TP315-104 Anywire receiver. The expansion of the manufacturer’s Anywire line will allow the transmission of live video and computer video signals with synchronised audio over distances of over 30m using conventional AC power extension cords.

The TP315-103 HDMI over power extension cable Anywire transmitter supports video signals up to 1080p. It features four 15A AC outlets with embedded HDMI signal capability, which can then transmit both power and the HDMI feed to four TP315-104 receivers. The transmitter incorporates a loop out connector for driving a local video monitor as well as providing IR support for remote control of related output boxes.

The companion TP315-104 HDMI over power extension cable Anywire receiver connects to the AC socket of the power extension cord and, in addition to taking power, accepts the HDMI signal. The receiver provides four AC power outlets with embedded HDMI as well as a dedicated HDMI output. As all four AC outlets provide an HDMI feed, the TP315-104 can also reportedly act as a relay for both power and video signal to further expand the system.

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