Ambient boom on location

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Ambient boom on location

Ambient Recording has replaced its QX Series of boom poles with the launch of the QXS Boom Pole range. Designed specifically for use in documentary and ENG filming, the new poles are described by the manufacturer as ‘delivering ideal balance and perfect control over the microphone’, while also being reportedly easy to transport and capable of being extended to reach long lengths when necessitated.

Constructed out of 1mm thick carbon fibre that is said to be lightweight and durable, the QXS Boom Poles feature five segments, providing a ‘better collapsed to extended ratio’ than the QX range. Aircraft aluminium forms the mechanical parts of the QXS poles, with a 9.5mm thread built from stainless steel to withstand constant microphone changes.

The poles have also seen their collars redesigned. The machined knurled pattern reportedly offers improved grip and has been developed especially for when gloves are worn and in all manner of weather conditions.

The compression rings have been set at what the manufacturer calls an optimised angle, enabling increased locking of the segments. The internal bushings are made of soft felt for reported rattle free operation as well as preventing seizing caused by dirt, humidity or cold temperatures.

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