Analog Way adds new perspective to animation

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Analog Way adds new perspective to animation

The latest round of updates for Analog Way switchers has made the manufacturer’s perspective layers natively available for any Ascender 32 – 4K. Previously reserved for the Ascender 48 – 4K – PL and the LiveCore Output Expander 48 – 4K – PL, the feature enables the manipulation of layers in a 3D space to add depth to a presentation.

Operators can change the layer position in the X, Y and Z dimensions and also rotate them around the same three axes. When the perspective layers feature is activated for a screen, the Ascender 32 is stated to offer the same level of effects as in a flat 2D mode. Compatible with computer and video sources, the layer content can be either a live source or a still image. It can support the same seamless transition effects as any other layer.

The Ascender 32 - 4K - PL supports four outputs and up to four true seamless layers and a native background per output, or two perspective layers and a native background per output. Creation and management of the perspective layers can be managed directly from the Web RCS software.

The French manufacturer has also unveiled a set of optional interface modules for its VIO 4K video processor that includes features able to support 4K60 4:4:4. This reportedly makes the VIO 4K the first multi-format converter capable of simultaneously supporting 4K60 4:4:4, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and 12G-SDI outputs.

The new interfaces also increase the VIO 4K’s possible applications. With all options, the device features up to nine inputs and three independently scaled outputs. In terms of configuration, the three outputs provide a wide flexibility in order to reach more creative displays while using 4K displays. The device also allows the user to process one source simultaneously to the three outputs at any given moment, and also to configure each video delivery of the selected source, such as scaling, resolution or colour settings. Furthermore, the new set includes a module supporting Dante in order to input and output up to eight audio channels from and to a Dante network.

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