AoIP gets Sonifex talking

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AoIP gets Sonifex talking

Sonifex has embraced AoIP since it joined the Ravenna group in 2012. As a result, this is the main transport mechanism for a pair of releases, AVN-GMCS PTPv2 grandmaster clock with GPS receiver and the AVN-TB range of talkback intercoms.

The AVN-TB products are IP audio based talkback intercom units. With both 4-wire analogue inputs and outputs, as well as AoIP network audio connectivity, the AVN-TB units can reportedly be used with existing legacy 4-wire systems and with new AES67 AoIP networked audio infrastructure. Additionally, all audio is at 48kHz sample rate and its dual 1Gb LAN ports and a 1Gb SFP fibre port ensure the products can be used in larger networks.

The first member of the series to be released is the AVN-TB10AR, a 10 button intercom. Comms can be made as a Talk action, a Listen action or a duplex Talk/Listen action to/from each station. Coloured LEDs in the buttons help to show which action is being used and there is also a Callback button for when you’re unavailable to receive a call. The stations can be from anywhere on the AoIP network and Bonjour Device Discovery means that other stations can be found quickly and easily. The unit also features acoustic echo cancellation and built-in microphone AGC (automatic gain control).

Each unit has a built-in webserver which is where the majority of settings and configurations are made and a front panel OLED display. The intercom has a front panel power button and dual power connectors - an IEC mains input and a 12V DC input. Also, a secondary power source reduces the effect of power down events.

The AVN-GMCS is a PTP GPS receiver and grandmaster clock used for synchronising AoIP audio networks. It has been designed to become the master clock and distribute time packets to synchronise all the nodes within a network. This reportedly enables sub microsecond synchronisation between all nodes.

This release of the hardware offers a front screen that now displays the number of GPS satellite signals received with a screen saver which shows the current time. Equally, more PTP profiles have been added (including the default Ravenna, media AES67 and AES-R16 SMPTE 2059-2 and AES67 interoperable profile together with a custom profile option. In addition, a real time clock has been added to the unit so that accurate time/day will be available even after being repowered. Finally, the PPS and wordclock outputs are interchangeable so either output can be used and the web interface is now responsive.

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