Apart Audio clicks into place

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Apart Audio clicks into place

Dubbing them revolutionary, Apart Audio has release a new line of four mixing amplifiers designed to be intuitive and highly easy-to-operate via a simplified set of front panel controls. Together with the new amplifiers, the Belgian manufacturer has unveiled the MASKC install loudspeaker series, which differs from the original MASK series primarily in its cabinet construction and mounting options.

The mixing amp series comprises of four models. The MA120 and MA240 offer 120W and 240W RMS output power respectively, while each features two mono balanced mic/line inputs, four music inputs (stereo line, mono summed), a mono balanced paging mic input, an emergency input and left-to-right priority audio routing on the rear panel. The MA30 and MA60, which offer 30W and 60W of power respectively, have been simplified even further. The front panel features a prominent rotary volume control, while inputs include one balanced mic/line input, two music inputs and an emergency input. All four models have an automatic standby mode that powers down the amp to 0.5W after 10 minutes without a signal.

Moving on to the speakers, the MASKC series also comprises four models.

Each available in black or white and usable inside or out, the cabinets are constructed from ABS plastic make use of Apart’s patented Universal Clickmount bracket, that allows the cabinets to be simply ‘clicked’ into place. All four models also include 3-step overload protection that reduces the power to protect the transducer, downward tilting drivers that allow for higher mounting and a rotatable logo. The 70W MASK4C and MASK4CT models feature a 4.25-inch coated paper woofer and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, while the 200W MASK6C and MASK6CT feature a 6.25-inch woofer.


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