APG completes Uniline with Wide and Narrow options

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APG completes Uniline with Wide and Narrow options

With the addition of two enclosures, APG’s Uniline range has been completed, bringing the modular sound reinforcement system to an extremely broad variety of venues, from audiences of 100 up to 1,500. Named the UC206W (for ‘wide’) and UC206N (for ‘narrow’), the two line source enclosures are differentiated by their respective dispersion patterns – 105-degrees for the wide version and 70-degrees for the narrow.

Originally launched in 2010, Uniline was the first modular line array system on the market and has since gone on to firmly establish itself at the top of the APG range. In finally completing the line-up, the French manufacturer is aiming to widen the system’s appeal to both very small and mid-sized applications. ‘Professionals can adapt the horizontal coverage of the system depending on the acoustic environment, and focus the acoustic energy on the listening area,’ explained Grégory Dapsanse, APG France executive vice president, R&D, innovation and marketing. ‘Used as a main FOH system, the UC206N can cater for music venues of up to 1,500 people, while the UC206W will be the solution of choice for smaller venues from 100 people.’

Additionally, both models host a newly developed, smaller version of the manufacturer’s Isotop driver, which is horn-loaded and fitted with 5-inch and 0.5-inch neodymium drivers loaded on an Isotop15 waveguide.

According to APG, both enclosures boast constant directivity across a frequency range of 450Hz to 19KHz. More specifically, the 70-degree UC206N is described as well-suited to applications requiring a longer throw, while the wider frontal horn design of the UC206W delivers ‘a wide stereo image even in short and medium throw’. The latter can also be used with the UC206N or as a fill for a larger system.

For applications requiring extra low-end, a dedicated LF speaker is available in the shape of the UC115B. Additional 18-inch subs can also be used.


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