Apogee targets podcasters

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Apogee targets podcasters

Apogee has designed MiC 96k with podcasting in mind, as well as the recording of voice-overs and acoustical musical instruments directly to a computer. The USB mic is a 96kHz, 24-bit cardioid condenser microphone that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The device is also compatible with iOS devices via a lightning cable.

When used with a laptop, iPhone or iPad in particular, the manufacturer states that you will be able to ‘make studio-quality recordings anywhere’, with a portable setup and a simplified recording process that is ideal for recording a podcast or for a journalist conducting an interview. The device also includes a wide dynamic range to complement acoustic instruments and vocals when capturing music. Level can be adjusted directly on the MiC 96k via a control knob to minimise distortion, while the preamp, which delivers up to 40dB of gain, and the A/D converter have been designed, Apogee says, to ‘record the true tone of acoustic instruments’.

The unit is of all-metal construction and comes with a USB cable as well as a desktop stand. An LED on the microphone changes colour, indicating its status and providing input level monitoring. It also features PureDigital USB connection, which the manufacturer states ensures the highest quality audio is recorded to the user’s device.


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