Armonia Pro Audio Suite offers customisation

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Armonia Pro Audio Suite offers customisation

The v2.8 software release will add multiple new features, including a customisable Operator View window tab to the Powersoft’s Armonia Pro Audio Suite. It is designed to offer customisation options for fixed installation customers looking to remotely manage and monitor a networked audio system. The software will also carry out minor fixes on X series and DSP4 models, and is available from the Powersoft Support Forum.

Users can reportedly choose from a range of pre-configured objects with multiple functionalities, including mute, gain, delay, scene recall, magnifier to EQ window, VU metre of a selected channel, status LED, as well as background image and notes. These objects can be imported into the window as many times as necessary, and can be resized and organised. Notes and background pictures can also be imported, allowing support for user navigation within a complex workspace.

Additionally, the objects can be linked to any advanced group already present in the main workspace tab, in order to expedite the customisation process of the layout. The access manager also now includes further access levels such as admin, engineer, operator or guest. Different access to a session will allow that user to interact or modify only predetermined functionalities within Armonia.

The X series is now integrated with diagnostic alarms that will appear in Armonia in real time. These are linked to channel and hardware faults, power supply faults, fan faults, channel temperature, limiter activity and output load detection and input pilot tone detection on Ottoncanali series.

In addition, Powersoft has introduced addition categories into which the presets are divided, allowing users to select from presets emanating from different sources, such as community or Powersoft approved presets. The preset library for the X series speaker has also been expanded.

Meanwhile, the latest version of Armonia includes a number of enhancements, including Live Impedance on DSP4, History Monitor on DSP4, Management/availability of Dante/AES3 signal source on X series models and Ottocanali DSP+D models. Way names can now be added to X series models and Ottocanali DSP+D models using GroupOverview, while channels are now sorted by their amplifier name or channel index. Improvements have been made to keyboard interaction without mouse usage.

Further additions include the Systray icon to notify alarm state, standby support and event support for X series models and Ottocanali DSP+D models, as well as user engineer with limited functionality access.

Other enhancements consist of a new desynch window allowing the user to select next actions regarding each desynchronised amplifier, new operator view plugin for management of fixed installation, new operator profile with only access to operator view plugin and system list, new dynamic login or logout support without closing Armonia, new rack support, preset categories on speaker presets and print capabilities on X series models and Ottocanali DSP+D models.

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