Art of noise

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Art of noise

Leading the way in a number of releases from Italian manufacturer RCF is an expansion of its flagship Art series. Capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 127dB, RCF has further grown the Art 7 series of portable loudspeakers with the development of the 708-A.

The low frequency element of the smallest member of the 7 series is an 8-inch woofer with a 2-inch voice coil, whilst a 1-inch mylar dome compression driver coupled to a 90-degrees x 70-degrees wide dispersion constant directivity horn provides the high frequency section. The 8-inch woofer provides linear response in addition to low-frequency control, while the compression driver creates a low crossover point, allowing the driver to produce the majority of the vocal range.

The active speaker integrates a 400W RMS Class-D amplifier, whose on-board DSP incorporates crossover, equalisation, phase alignment, soft limiting and speaker protections. The waterproof polypropylene composite housing has been designed to significantly reduce vibrations at high volume settings. Portability is enhanced with the inclusion of a top handle with rubber handgrips, whilst mirror monitoring is promoted by virtue of its symmetrical shape.

Moving on to installed sound, the manufacturer has also unveilled upgrades to its EN54-16 compliant EVAC systems. While there have been enhancements to the DXT 3000 and DXT 7000, it is the upgrades to the DXT 9000 which have been most prominent.

The solution now features additional components, including the MU 9186R master unit with integrated router and RP 9600 data repeater. The master unit offers a maximum connection of eight systems, giving a total network of 256 units as well as twin LAN ports for digital audio in (one channel from an external source), and out (two channels from up to four sub-systems or one channel from five to eight sub-systems). The data repeater must be inserted between the master unit and amplifiers when the bus cable is longer than 180m or the system includes more than 15 UP 950x amplifiers.

Completing the DXT 9000 system components is the IN 9000 Integrity Network Emergency Console. This has been designed as an interface to provide analogue redundancy in the event of interruption by the RCF-Flexicomm bus. The console is equipped with a monitored fireman’s microphone with PTT button, and can be powered by 24V to 48V external supply providing at least 20W output power.

With the DXT 3000 the MG 3006 Monitored GPI Board is an accessory that monitors emergency system GPI to enable detection and reporting of any open line or short circuit in the signal path. While the the IE 3008 Interlink Board allows connection of up to eight MX 3250 units, in a master/slave configuration.

A further update from RCF has seen changes to its VSA family digital columns. The most significant addition is the VSA Smart RC, a smartphone remote. Designed specifically for VSA column speakers the Smart RC works in conjunction with a dedicated application for smartphones running on Android. The remote control works via infrared communication, so it is essential that it is pointed accurately at the speaker. The remote allows users to set the focus and the listening area to be covered, select the tilt angle and virtual dispersion. It also features volume control and mute function, equalisation, phase rotation, input selection and delay setting. Function management is performed within the application. The kit also includes the USB/RS-485 adapter with RJ45 connection cable to set up the speaker through PC software.

Finally, the Italian manufacturer has been celebrating its stadium solutions. It is pointing to the success it has had with models such as the HL20 WP weatherproof passive line array module, which offers two 10-inch woofers and a 2.5-inch voice coil as well as a custom-designed waveguide for coverage of 100-degrees x 15-degrees. It is also highlighting the horn-loaded two-way HL2260 array and the TTL55-A WP active three-way weatherproof line array module, that features three new designs for the six neodymium transducers.

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