Artel streamlines video and Ethernet traffic with the DL4360x

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Artel streamlines video and Ethernet traffic with the DL4360x

Artel Video Systems has released the DL4360x DigiLink video transport chassis, reportedly eliminating the need for external cross connects and therefore streamlining the routing and rerouting of video and Ethernet traffic.

Ideally suited to environments where active management of signal routing is critical, the 3RU chassis supports up to 12 DigiLink function modules. Chassis monitoring and management is facilitated via external status LEDs, an HTTP interface and SNMPv2 capabilities.

Meanwhile, the DLC055 multiport video I/O access module has been designed to provide flexible video inputs and outputs as well as distribution amplifier capabilities to the DL4360x chassis.

The DLC055 provides five independent video inputs and the same number of internally routed outputs to or from function modules in a DL4360x chassis. Each port supports all standard video formats from 3G-SDI to ATSC, and outputs are re-clocked to ensure video quality and integrity. The DLC055 has been optimised to substantially increase the capabilities of the DL4360x by enabling inputs to be distributed to multiple modules in the chassis for separate processing and transport, and multiple outputs provide re-clocked electrical outputs for DA applications.

Lastly, the brand has also launched the DLC205 Ethernet aggregator and optical transceiver. Designed to integrate seamlessly within the company's DigiLink video transport platform, the single-slot module is most suited to broadcast applications looking to aggregate Ethernet traffic across a single optical or electrical connection.

The DLC205 is capable of aggregating a total of nine channels – five external and four internal – of 10/100/1000 Ethernet traffic for transport across electrical or optical networks. Meanwhile, the fully non-blocking module features a total capacity of 18 gigabits of Ethernet traffic.

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