ASL takes Dante on stage

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ASL takes Dante on stage

ASL Intercom is describing its Enchorus line of Dante format converters as a ‘professional, flexible, and scalable Dante solution for live stage applications, production studios, and other pro-A/V installations’.

According to the manufacturer, the series was specifically designed for the stage. With various AES3 and analogue audio inputs and outputs, the modules can reportedly feed analogue and digital power amplifiers, connect effects devices in a side rack or be used for tasks such as monitoring or press feeds.

The Enchorus series comprises four devices – the EN-1101 with eight AES3 outputs and four AES3 inputs, the EN-1102 with six AES3 inputs and outputs, the flagship EN-1201 has eight mic inputs and four line outputs as well as including a four-way splitter for each input and finally, the EN-1202 offers eight line outputs and four line inputs. Each Enchorus module is equipped with two Ethernet ports for building redundant network paths or for daisy chaining, an integrated 16x16 mixer, a four-band equaliser on each input and output and redundant power. The modules also include rubber bumpers that allow them to be stacked on stage or, as an option, multiple units can be rack mounted using 19-inch rack kits.

Configuration is via an integrated web interface. Units connected to the network can reportedly be named and configured all the way down to filter settings. Device configurations can be stored, imported, and exported using the web interface.

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