Audio-Technica has a mic for almost any instrument

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Audio-Technica has a mic for almost any instrument

Audio-Technica has built upon its ATM350 series with the release of the ATM350a microphone packages. These are cardioid condenser instrument microphones designed with six specific configurations for mounting on instruments such as woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, drums and piano.

The ATM350a microphones are capable of handling an SPL up to 159dB and feature a cardioid polar pattern to minimise side and rear pickup and protect from feedback. A switchable 80Hz hi-pass filter is incorporated as part of the in-line power module to reduce ambient noise. Making use of the manufacturer’s UniMount system, the ATM350a mics provide a variety of mounting options, such as a drum mount, magnetic piano mount, universal clip-on mount, expandable woodwind mount and a pair of flexible goosenecks, which can be attached to any of the mounts.

The ATM350U and ATM350UL are the 5-inch and 9-inch gooseneck models, respectively. Both are cardioid condenser instrument mics with a universal clip-on mounting system and include an AT8543 power module, AT8468 violin mount with a ‘hook-and-loop’ fastening method and a protective carry case in addition to the ATM350a microphone itself.

The ATM350PL, ATM350D and ATM350W systems feature the ATM350a with the piano, drum and woodwind mounting system respectively. The piano mounting system is a 9-inch gooseneck, while the drum and woodwind are 5-inch version. All three include the power module, violin mount and protective case.

The ATM350UcW, meanwhile, is a wireless version of the ATM350a. It includes the ATM350acW microphone itself, terminated with a locking 4-pin connector for use with the manufacturer’s UniPak body-pack wireless transmitters, an AT8491U universal clip-on Mount, AT8490 5-inch gooseneck, violin mount and carrying case.

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