beyerdynamic opens up Tesla to the market

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beyerdynamic opens up Tesla to the market

The latest reference-class headphones and the new flagship model in beyerdynamic’s Pro series has been announced as the DT 1990 Pro, integrating the German manufacturer’s Tesla drivers like its sibling, the DT 1770 Pro. Describing the Tesla technology as ‘highly responsive traducers with fine copper wires half the thickness of a human hair’, the German audio specialist says the result is distortion-free reproduction at all signal levels. When Pro Audio Asia interviewed its visionary, Mario Gebhardt, back in 2011, he explained: ‘Everything being optimised for high efficiency. If you have a highly-efficient magnetic system you can combine it with very lightweight coils to get a very good transient response. In the past, you could optimise a system for high SPLs but you would normally compromise on the transient response’.

The difference between the two Pro Series models is that the DT 1990 Pro features an open-back design, limiting its use to soundproof environments, where as the DT 1770 Pro is closed-back and subject to less environmental interference.

Two different variants of replaceable memory foam ear pads ship with the unit – one favouring ‘neutral, analytical sound’, and the other ‘a warmer tuning with more bass’. Two cables, one straight and one coiled, also ship with the headphones and connect to the device via mini-XLR.

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