Biamp’s collaboration with Shure results in TesiraForté Dan

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Biamp’s collaboration with Shure results in TesiraForté Dan

Integrated compatibility with Shure’s Microflex Advance series of array microphones has been provided with the release of the latest addition to Biamp’s Tesira family, TesiraForté Dan. Released at ISE 2017, the new range of audio processors are able to interact with Shure’s MXA beamforming line of microphones, while also delivering seamless interoperability between DSP and microphone technologies thanks to dedicated Shure MXA input blocks included with the Tesira 3.0 software, reportedly reducing setup and installation times, while offering a complete digital solution.

Four fixed I/O models are offered as part of the TesiraForté Dan range, mirroring the existing TesiraForté family with AI, CI, TI and VI versions, all of which feature 12 mic/line inputs, eight line outputs, Ethernet control, RS-232, up to eight channels of configurable USB audio, four general purpose I/Os and an OLED display as standard. TesiraForté Dan also sees the addition of 32x32 audio channels by way of the Dante Brooklyn II module.

The VI, TI and CI models include Biamp’s AEC technology, designed to remove acoustic echoes and feedback. The devices can be controlled centrally or remotely via Tesira software and users are able to connect natively and directly to Shure systems, such as the MXA910 ceiling microphone.

The TesiraForté Dan processor can network with other units in the range as well as with a Tesira Server IO, should it contain a Dan-1 card. This allows servers to pass audio across an ecosystem, configuring via a Dante Controller.

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