Blue emphasises versatility with Bottle Mic Locker

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Blue emphasises versatility with Bottle Mic Locker

Blue Microphones’ new Bottle Mic Locker is designed to allow fast access to various recording possibilities for vocals or instruments. Featuring a microphone with a variable sensitivity power supply and four interchangeable capsules, the product also boasts an SKB hard shell case. The hot-swappable B0, B6, B7 and B8 Bottle Caps are also included, as well as the Power Stream power supply.

The Bottle Mic Locker contains a Class-A tube circuit, powered by an EF86 pentode vacuum tube in triode move, while the transformer is also made from silver wire and nickel plates. The Bottle does not include any zero pad or low-cut filter switches in the microphone circuit, reportedly offering a higher quality signal path.

Meanwhile, the Power Stream allows users to vary the polarisation voltage, enabling the fine-tuning the sound of the Bottle itself.

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