Bluetooth streaming comes over the horizon

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Bluetooth streaming comes over the horizon

Designed for live events and presentations, as well as recording applications, across the pro audio and house of worship markets, RapcoHorizon’s BTIBLOX (Bluetooth Interface BLOX) is a Bluetooth compatible music streaming device. The latest in the manufacturer’s BLOX range of self-contained portable devices, it will reportedly pair with the majority of Bluetooth music players quickly and easily, including mobile phones, tablets and computers.

With a wireless streaming range of up to 23m, BTIBLOX possesses a male XLR output allowing direct connection to a mixer input. The device features a translucent back cover, which provides a view of the LED status and is also built to Bluetooth 4.2 specifications and is compliant with FCC and RoHS standards.

‘We’ve created a device that will also completely eliminate the need for a tangle of wires to connect audio devices or smartphones through a professional sound system,’ explained Darius Seabaugh, vice president of marketing for RapcoHorizon parent company RHC Audio. ‘This new self-contained device will simplify music-streaming workflows for any pro audio application.’

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