Cloud embraces spot announcement functionality in new mics

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Cloud embraces spot announcement functionality in new mics

Adding to its PM range of zone paging microphones, Cloud Electronics has released the PM4-SA and PM8-SA microphones. The new additions feature spot announcement capabilities, giving a user access to pre-recorded announcements, adverts, alarm sounds or warnings.

The PM4-SA is capable of holding up to four pre-recorded messages or pre-announcement chimes, whilst the PM8-SA can hold eight of each. These can be of any length, and are stored internally on a standard SD memory card that is housed in a dedicated card slot.

The new models can be used for school bells, classroom announcements, pre recorded sounds, and access announcements for warehousing/shop floor/unmanned areas. They are also suited for fire tests, and for use in hospitals, public places, transport hubs, and for security and surveillance announcements activated by PIR or DVR monitoring.

The range is designed to interface directly with Cloud products such as the DCM1 – via the manufacturer’s paging interface – which uses standard CAT-5 cable and RJ45 connectors. Alternatively, the range can be used with non-Cloud products. The models are also compatible with the older Cloud CDPM range of digital paging microphones.

An SD card pre-loaded with chime files is supplied with each PM-SA unit. Announcement and sound files in WAV or MP3 form are prepared on a computer with a SD card slot and then saved to the card.

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