Control integration for broadcast operations from DNF

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Control integration for broadcast operations from DNF


DNF Controls has released a series of new applications for its Flex Control Network, which have been designed to enable broadcasters to solve operational control problems.

A key feature of the Flex Control network is that it lets a user redistribute the broadcast or production workload at a moment's notice to keep up with breaking news, any equipment failure, and any other unexpected events. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that a user can control almost anything in their facility from anywhere in the world using DNF's web services from a computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other web-enabled device. 

The applications have been designed to easily integrate with a broadcast facility’s existing equipment, and the modular nature of the platform means that a user can scale and adapt the system as their requirements change.

The Flex Control platform consists of device controllers with 25 drivers and interface solutions. These combine with a full range of control panels to create applications for solving complex control problems while using an existing I/P infrastructure as the backbone.

The software is designed for use with all segments of the broadcast industry, including live and live-to-tape production, master control and playout, broadcast and network (cable) operations, postproduction, live sports, live news, and machine control.

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