CV launches live cabs for all sizes

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CV launches live cabs for all sizes

Designed to best in class for audio and build quality with ample headroom, Cerwin Vega has developed the CV series of portable, powered PA systems for small to medium-sized performance venues.

Representing the line’s most compact systems, the CVE group comprises of four powered speakers with single 10-, 12- and 15-inch tops and an 18-inch subwoofer. Mounting points and an accessory wall bracket are included for fixed installation options, although the three models can serve as portable speakers or stage monitors. Each cabinet incorporates 1,000W Class-D amplification, two combo XLR/TRS inputs, one XLR output and five DSP modes. Housed in polymer enclosures, the CVE-10, CVE-12 and CVE-15 weigh between 15kg and 18kg and like the CVE-18s come with a Bluetooth pairing for wireless connection to other CVE cabinets.

The CVX series includes the 1,500W-rated CVX-10 and CVX-15 tops with the 2,000W-rated CVX-18s and CVX-21s subwoofers. All four cabinets include Class-D amplification and come with a three-channel mixer and include three XLR outputs with two XLR inputs. The top enclosures are composed of lightweight polymer whereas the subwoofers are built from 18mm Birch plywood and protected with a Tour Shield finish. Three rear switches provide main/monitor mode, live/playback EQ and high pass filter options whilst a front clip indicator has also been added.

Comprising of five powered speakers, the CVXL are the largest and most powerful of the CV series group. The single 12-, 15-, or dual 15-inch wooden tops can be combined with single 18- or dual 21-inch subwoofers finished in Tour Shield. Weighing 29kg, the CVXL-112 is a 1,500W-rated cabinet that incorporates a 12-inch woofer with a 1.75-inch HF compression driver operating within a 55Hz–18kHz (+/-3dB) frequency range. Capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 135dB and 137dB respectively, the CVXL-115 and CVXL-215 models can extend the low frequencies down to 47Hz.

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