Dante Controller V3.10 expands remote management

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Dante Controller V3.10 expands remote management

New features such as wireless support, advanced filtering and device locking have been introduced with version 3.10 of Audinate’s Dante Controller, the free tool used to configure and manage Dante networks.

Arguably the most useful new feature will be the addition of wireless support. Users will now be able to manage Dante networks just by connecting to the local access point, thereby enabling control from any locations within range. Management of the network itself has also been expanded to provide a greater level of control for high channel count devices. Additionally, advanced filtering options in the latest version can be used to refine the range of devices displayed, similarly simplifying the management of large and complex networks. Filtering parameters include device and channel names, sample rate, latency setting and lock status – another new feature of the latest software.

Device lock allows users to remotely lock Dante devices on the network via Dante Controller using a four-digit PIN. When locked, configuration of the devices cannot be altered. In order to support the feature, manufacturers will need to first upgrade their Dante products to the latest firmware version. Support for Device Lock will reportedly also be included in subsequent releases of Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Via.


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