dBTechnologies premieres the B·H series

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dBTechnologies premieres the B·H series

Designed to deliver accurate audio reproduction whilst producing efficient sonic performances in multi-functional applications, dBTechnologies has created the B·H series. The four two-way models in this newly developed series each combine a Class D amplifier capable of providing SPL’s up to 126.5 dB. Each of the 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch woofer models are equipped with 1-inch compression drivers coupled to an asymmetrical horn to ensure a wide and uniform throw pattern. Internal DSP comes in the form of a Flat or Boost EQ switch, allowing sourced BGM to be either faithfully reproduced or boosted according to the environment.

Weighing between 6.4kg and 17.3kg, the cabinets incorporate a clean and contemporary full grille design. Whilst portability is enhanced with the addition of three handles, multi-functionality is assured by dual stage monitor angles and pole cup for use as a portable PA system when mounted onto a dBTechnologies subwoofer.

In addition to the new B-H series, the Italian manufacturer has also introduced two subwoofers designed to complement its full-range Opera cabinets as part of the Sub 600 series. Both models feature a 600W RMS Class-D amplifier with SMPS. The Sub 615 is equipped with a 15-inch transducer while this is increased to 18 inches for the Sub 618. This results in a high maximum stated SPL for the Sub 618 of 133dB.

User are reportedly able to form PA systems with a single sub and two full-range speakers without the need for any external processing or crossover. Controls on the amp panel allow users to operate with mono or stereo feeds, invert polarity and selected the output link mode – True Bypass or Xover. A Sub Mode switch boosts the low frequency EQ for a deeper output.


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