Dicentis update improves meeting continuity

Published: PRODUCTS

Dicentis update improves meeting continuity

A software update for the Bosch Dicentis wireless conference system reportedly allows for improved continuity during meetings. This is because software version V1.3 enables the assignment of wireless access points (WAP) as redundant channels in addition to that selected as the primary channel.

In the instance of an unforeseen technical issue, all system settings will be synchronised automatically with the redundant WAP, which will then assume the role of primary WAP. Management of the WAP redundancy is facilitated wirelessly over the Wi-Fi network that the Dicentis system has been connected to. The LEDs on the system and the browser configuration menu indicate the operation mode of each WAP, be it primary or redundant.

The V1.3 software update also provides Dicentis with enhanced carrier management, offering users the ability to exclude specific channels during channel switching. This comes in handy, as the system automatically switches to the strongest channel by design and with this new functionality, those channels that are reserved for other uses can avoid interference. To exclude a channel, users can simply deselect it from the web browser menu.

Speaking of which, the web browser menu itself has been given a touch up as part of the software update. The user interface now includes a signal strength icon that is displayed with up to three bars for each connected unit. Also featured are expanded setup options that supply the capability to assign up to 25 open mics if required.


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