DiGiCo makes Quantum leap

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DiGiCo makes Quantum leap

A new version of DiGiCo’s Quantum processing platform developed using the latest seventh-generation FPGA chips has been announced by the British console manufacturer. The company states that to put this release into perspective, the last version of Quantum relied on third-generation FGPAs. Scheduled for release in Spring 2017, Quantum 7 is expected to bring additional processing power to new and existing DiGiCo console owners. For an SD7 desk, this will reportedly result in an expansion of channels to over 600 in 96kHz operation, resulting in up to 3,000 potential I/Os.

Aside from the boost in processing power, Quantum 7 will introduce two new major features – True Solo and Nodal Processing. The True Solo system will allow the operator’s monitoring system to replicate ‘almost any section of the console’ and how that source is being processed and heard, reportedly saving time and speeding up the process of managing the large number of channels and busses available to the user. Node Processing will allow processing to be applied to any node on the auxiliary section of the consoles, allowing engineers to apply processing on each send from a single or multiple channels.

As alluded to above, SD7 owners will be able to retrofit Quantum 7 processing to their existing console.