Digigram brings AoIP streaming into the software domain

Published: PRODUCTS

Digigram brings AoIP streaming into the software domain

The high-performance encoding, decoding and streaming capabilities of Digigram’s audio-over-IP technology is now available in a software package with Iqoya *VIP. The package can reportedly integrate with any audio-software solution on a physical PC platform, reportedly enabling ecosystem partners to more quickly create their own live-streaming, processing and encoding systems.

Iqoya *VIP runs as a software service in Windows or Linux environments in both physical or virtual instances, and is among the first AoIP software engines to combine full-duplex ACIP capability with real-time audio AES67 connectivity. Capable of accepting all major broadcast audio formats, the software features stereo and multichannel audio I/O, accommodates up to 32 stereo virtual sound card devices, and offers multiple simultaneous encode/decode functionality, with support for AoIP streaming protocols including RTP/UDP, ACIP (EBU Tech 3326), AES67, Livewire, MPEG-TS, and Icecast/SHOUTcast.

Furthermore, to ensure the quality and continuity of each audio stream, the software features Digigram’s FluidIP redundant dual streaming with time diversity, configurable decoding backup priorities and PTPv2 clock synchronisation. The software also supports both SIP signalling and the transport of auxiliary data such as GPIOs, RDS UECP and serial data.


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