DirectOut targets mobile Madi monitoring

Published: PRODUCTS

DirectOut targets mobile Madi monitoring

Described by the manufacturer as offering ‘the smallest footprint of any mobile Madi monitor on the market’, DirectOut’s MADI.MONI has been specifically designed for Madi testing and monitoring in the field.

The MADI.MONI UI has been designed to show all format parameters as well as the signal quality of a Madi stream. Operation is via four push buttons including a volume/channel selection to monitor individual channels of a Madi signal via the 3.5mm headphone jack. The device is battery powered and provides one coaxial and one SFP Madi port. A traffic light-like display delivers amplitude/jitter information about the physical signal condition. The state of the incoming Madi signal is displayed with dedicated LEDs for the sample rate, frame mode and channel format parameters.

In other news, the manufacturer has also expanded the capabilities of its Anna-Lisa Madi analyser. Remote control of the device will now be possible on Android devices following the recent release of an app for this platform.

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