dLive goes rackmount with C Class

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dLive goes rackmount with C Class

A new compact range of console surfaces and MixRacks intended to bring dLive to a wider spectrum of users has been launched by Allen & Heath. Comprising three new MixRacks and three new control surfaces, the dLive C Class also boasts the first rackmountable dLive surface, the C1500.

The CDM32, CDM48 and CDM64 MixRacks all house the XCVI Core, providing capacity for 128 inputs with full processing and 16 dedicated stereo effects returns, in addition to a fully-configurable 64 mix bus architecture. Each surface and rack has a 128-channel I/O port, supported by a range of networking cards, such as Dante, Waves, Madi, fibreACE and optical. The C Class models are also compatible with S Class hardware and the ME personal mixing system and supported by an ecosystem of apps, Director software and accessories.

The three C Class surfaces, C1500, C2500 and twin-screen C3500, utilise the dLive Harmony UI which is capable of gesture touch control via 12-inch capacitive screens and colour-mapped rotary controls. Thanks to the dLive architecture, ‘surfaceless’ mixing is also possible using a MixRack with a laptop or tablet for control.

In addition to the new hardware, two new iPad apps have also joined the dLive family, bringing remote control and personal monitoring functionality. The remote control app, dLive MixPad, allows users to control channel processing, including filters, gates, parametric and graphic EQs, compressors and input/output delays, directly form the iPad touchscreen, as well as giving the user access to any of the mixer’s channel faders and mutes, DCA faders and mutes, pan, aux sends, mic-pre control and full metering. The MixPad app also includes a real time analyser to assist with EQing monitors and the PA during system setup, also providing the facility to name and colour channel strips, custom layers with drag andn drop strip setup, and channel PFL control for monitoring. Multiple MixPads can be run in conjunction with a dLive Surface or Director software to provide simultaneous control, including independent PAFL busses.

In contrast, the dLive OneMix app for personal monitoring is essentially a version of the MixPad app that locks control to a single aux monitor mix without affecting the other monitors or main FOH mix. Multiple iPads can be setup by an admin user to give musicians a custom set of controls.

Both of the new apps run on the current V1.3 dLive firmware, which is available to download from the manufacturer’s website.


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