DP6 pendant loudspeaker added to Community range

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DP6 pendant loudspeaker added to Community range

Community Professional has added the DP6 pendant loudspeaker to its Distributed Design Series of ceiling and surface mount loudspeakers. Its contemporary pendant form factor has been designed with applications such as restaurants, bars, hotels, ballrooms, casinos, retail and commercial establishments, meeting rooms, and convention centres in mind.

Incorporating identical components to the D6 ceiling model, the DP6 integrates a coaxial loudspeaker with a HF compression driver. The DP6 is also equipped with a built-in auto-former, allowing the loudspeaker’s full output and performance to be realised with 70V or 100V distribution lines. An accessible selector switch on the face of the loudspeaker offers a choice of 8ohm or 70V/100V operation, while the integrated rear cover conceals wiring and hanging hardware.

Uniform voicing allows the entire Distributed Design series to be combined in a single installation without any inconsistency from zone to zone, and patented carbon ring cone technology and a Tru-phase high-frequency waveguide provide a consistent and wide dispersion up to 16kHz.

Available in standard black and white finishes, two 4.5m tensile galvanised steel wire rope suspension cables with integrated spring clips are also included.

Meanwhile, Community has been announced as the first ConeQ licensee amongst professional audio product manufacturers, and is keen to state that the technology from Real Sound Lab will be featured in its dSPEC226 loudspeaker processor.

The dSPEC226 will feature 1024 bands of ConeQ acoustic power frequency equalisation on each of its six output channels, which Community states will improve the performance of a selected number of its loudspeakers.

Community claims that its product line-up will benefit from the technology’s ability to correct the linear time invariant phenomena found in these types of systems. The elimination of horn resonances is highlighted as one of the main issues that the ConeQ technology will target.

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