DPA strives for studio quality on the go

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DPA strives for studio quality on the go

DPA Microphones has journalists in its sights with the launch of the d:vice MMA-A digital audio interface. The two-channel microphone preamp and A/D converter is compatible with iOS, Mac and PC, designed to capture studio-quality audio for recording and broadcast applications in the field.

The Danish manufacturer has built mono, dual and stereo capabilities in to d:vice, allowing it to adapt to the situation, including for two-channel interviews or stereo ambient sound recordings. It comes bundled with interchangeable lightning and USB cables, while its MicroDot inputs facilitate connection with all DPA miniature microphones. With a 2-inch diameter, d:vice is controlled via an iOS app, allowing users to store gain settings and low-cut filters. Third party apps can also be used to complete tasks such as live broadcast and high quality recordings.

In other news, DPA has released the SCM0013-B 4-Way d:screet microphone clip, developed for situation requiring hidden mics. Offering upwards, downwards, left and right mounting options, the clip possesses three cable attachment points and is available in black. It is compatible with the d:screet 4060 series, Slim series and 4071 omnidirectional microphone.


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