Dugan upgrades Control Panel for iPad

Published: PRODUCTS

Dugan upgrades Control Panel for iPad

Dan Dugan Sound Design has brought the functionality of its Control Panel for Java, which is supplied with networking Dugan automixers, to the iPad with version 2.0 of the Dugan Control Panel for iPad. The app is available for free on the Apple iTunes store.

The version 2.0 app is available for all sizes of iPad, and can reportedly control any combination of the Dugan Models E, E-1, E-1A, E-2, E-3, M, N, Dugan-VN16 and Dugan-MY16. Additionally, it can be paired with the Model K Control Surface and allows users to set up or name units and channels, assign groups, set weights, mute channels and manually override the automix. A demo is also provided if no units are on the network.


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