Dynaudio Pro goes three ways with LYD 48

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Dynaudio Pro goes three ways with LYD 48

The LYD 48 has become the latest addition in Dynaudio Pro’s LYD studio monitor range. The three-way speaker combines an 8-inch and a 4-inch woofer with a 1-inch tweeter, making them suitable for nearfield and midfield monitor applications. In addition to being finished in white and black like the original LYD range, the LYD 48 is also available as a classic all-black version.

A dedicated Class-D amplifier powers both of the woofers together with the tweeter, delivering 80W/50W/50W of power per monitor. The amplifier features a 96 kHz/ 24-bit signal path with selectable input sensitivity, together with the standby mode that features in the original LYD speakers. The three-way version also offers bass extension. This provides a choice between the default setting or pushing towards maximum bass or volume, whereby the changes affect the low-end response, but ensures that the linear frequency response remains intact.

The sound balance option serves as a tilt filter that tips the tonal balance gently, emphasising one end of the spectrum whilst decreasing the opposite end by the same amount. This differs from typical shelving filters, claims the manufacturer, as it alters the frequency response without interfering with the phase. By default the monitor is set flat, but the sound balance toggle switch can be turned to either ‘Bright’ or ‘Dark’.


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