Elation goes from dim to warm and inside to out

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Elation goes from dim to warm and inside to out

Elation is targeting broadcast applications which require a variable white light with its DTW (Dim to Warm) series. The first models include two par fixtures and a batten luminaire. All three fixtures feature colour temperature range control from 2,700K to 6,500K, plus independent Dim-to-Warm channel control from 1,800K to 3,200K to replicate traditional tungsten halogen lamps.

The DTW Par 300 houses 16 10W multi-chip CW/WW/Amber LEDs and offers a beam angle of 23-degrees with an output of 23,130 LUX at 1m. Outfitted with RJ-45 and power I/O connections, it measures 365mm x 129mm x 373mm.

The second par fixture, the DTW Par Z19 IP, is an IP65-rated light housing 19 15W 2-in-1 CW/WW LEDs for colour temperature adjustments from warm, white tungsten to cool, white daylight. It includes a 5- to 45-degree motorised zoom for beam angle adjustment and provides an output of 13,247 LUX at 1m. The fixture features IP-rated DMX and power I/O connections and measures 363mm x 305mm x 396mm.

The third model in the series, the DTW Bar 1000, houses 12 10W multi-chip CW/WW/Amber LEDs for an output adjustable from warm to cool white. The beam angle is 28-degrees and each pixel is said to be individually controllable for greater design options. The unit’s output is 6,425 LUX at 1m and maximum power consumption is 120W. A frost filter and glare shield are also included to soften the wash effect further. Outfitted with 3-pin and 5-pin DMX I/O connections as well as RJ-45 and powerCON I/Os, it measures 900mm x 206.4mm x 155mm.

Control for all three of the DTW fixtures is via multiple DMX channel modes and includes ArtNet and KlingNet protocol support as well as remote device management.

As with the dim to warm elements, the manufacturer is also targeting indoor and outdoor applications with further releases. With Elation Professional’s newly announced weatherproof SixBar 1000 LED batten, the company aims to provide users with more sturdy outdoor lighting solutions. Moving indoors, the American lighting manufacturer has announced a new high resolution LED videowall with 2.8, 3.9 and 5.9mm pixel pitches.

According to the manufacturer, the SixBar 1000 LED batten’s six-colour LED multi-chip as well as single lens RGBWA+UV LEDs provide an expanded palette of colours, protected by a die-cast aluminium exterior. The fixture includes 12x12W LEDs and reportedly spreads light at a 25-degree beam angle. The company also states that the product includes a removable glare shield, two diffusion filters and variable dimming curves with strobe and chase effects.

Additionally, the SixBar 1000 measures 85.3cm in length and emits 7,149 LUX at 8.4cm, consuming 145W. The LED has a stated life rating of 100,000 hours and multiple units can be linked together. The product can be controlled via eight DMX modes, with the fixture being RDM protocol capable. It also features IP-rated DMX in and out connections, a four button control panel and an auto-sensing power supply.

Away from lights, high resolution imagery combined with flexible and serviceable mounting options are the features of the EVHD videowall series. The black-face panels feature a lightweight, fanless and bezel-free design with a die-cast aluminium frame. A modular front maintenance construction reportedly means the EVHD panels can be mounted close to a wall for use in tight spaces, while accessibility from both back and front aids installation and service.

When mounting, lockable curve adjustments enable convex or concave designs. The manufacturer states that ‘designers can also create seamless curved video displays, even full circle designs, while maintaining pixel pitch and without visible gaps’.

The EVHD Series panels use long-life SMD 2121 RGB LEDs – SMD 1515 for the EVHD 2.8 pixel pitch version – in a 500mm x 500mm format with 140-degrees horizontal and 120-degrees vertical viewing angle.


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