Elation Pendant loses its colour

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Elation Pendant loses its colour

A variable white light version of the Elation Professional Colour Pendant has been unveiled by the American lighting manufacturer. The DW Pendant is an ETL-approved LED downlighting fixture allowing dynamic white light control of stage or house lighting. The enclosure houses 36 3W LEDs – 18 cool white and 18 warm white) for variable shade projections of white light, with colour temperature control from warm white tungsten (2,900K) to cool white daylight (6,800K). It also reportedly offers a uniform flat-field output and 41-degrees beam angle, enabling its use as a wash luminaire. Also included are variable dimming curve modes and strobe effects, while LED refresh rate frequency and Gamma brightness are also user-adjustable.

Measuring 374.0mm x 252.5mm x 308.8mm, the DW Pendant is RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol capable and is controllable via seven DMX channel modes. It houses an internal E-Fly extended range wireless DMX transceiver to facilitate setup, is convection cooled for silent operation and can be used in broadcast environments thanks to its flicker-free projection. Removable pendant and yoke mounting brackets aid setup and optional exterior shroud kits are also available.

Additional features include five-pin XLR and PowerCon connections, a four-button control panel with LCD display for navigation through DMX and manual settings, and an auto-sensing power supply covering worldwide voltages and frequencies.

Meanwhile, the DW Chorus is a new series comprising four white-light LED batten wash lights, each with variable white colour temperature control from 2,700K white tungsten to 6,700K cool white. The series has been designed for floodlighting surfaces and stages with its variety of white-colour shades, as well as for delivering linear effects with its range of variable dimming curves, strobe and chase effects. Each model in the series is constructed from die-cast aluminium and reportedly ‘flicker-free’ when used in broadcast.

The series consists of the 316mm DW Chorus 12, 604mm DW Chorus 24, 1182mm DW Chorus 48 and the 1760mm DW Chorus 72, with each model containing double the number of cold white and warm white LEDs than stated in the model’s name. For example, the DW Chorus 12 contains 24 cold white and 24 warm white LEDs. The brightness increases with each model too, as the 12 emits 30,340 LUX @ 1m, the 24 produces 20,570 LUX and the 48 emits 32,644, while the 72 emits 37,500. The manufacturer has worked to keep the power consumption for each model as low as possible, stating that the maximum consumption of the larger 72 model goes up to 510W.

The four DW Chorus fixtures all utilise individual 3W cool white and warm white Lumi LEDs, the hue, saturation and intensity of which can be individually controlled. LED group control is also an option. Other features include multi-channel DMX control, 3- and 5-pin DMX, PowerCon and RJ45 I/O connections, ArtNet, KlingNet and RDM protocol compatibility, multiple-unit power linking capability and a four-button control panel with LCD menu. To assist with installation, integrated rigging bracket and auto-sensing power supply are also included.

Elation has also expanded its range of flexible LED par lights with the additions of the SixPar Z19 IP and DW Par Z19 IP. Both are IP-rated, feature a motorised zoom and have been designed to suit a number of applications, such as serving as a wash light, uplight, wall wash or truss warmer. Each unit houses 19 individual 15W LEDs and has zoom coverage of between 5- and 45-degrees.

Other shared features of the SixPar Z19 IP and DW Par Z19 IP include IP65 protected die-cast aluminium exteriors, 5-pin DMX and PowerCon True1 I/O connections, 180-degree reversible LCD menu displays and four-button touch control panels, multiple unit power linking, flicker-free operation and strobe and variable dimming curve effects, as well as being RDM protocol capable.

The SixPar Z19 IP boasts a six-colour LED multi-chip and is capable of producing ultraviolet light amid other colours. It can project up to 13,240 LUX @ 3m and is controllable via four DMX channel modes. The DW Par Z19 IP is a white-light par luminaire featuring 15W cool white/warm white LEDs that can emit variable shade projections of white light up to 32,064 LUX @ 3m. Its temperature range is from 2,700K white tungsten to 6,000K cool white. Six DMX channel modes control the fixture.


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