Enhanced Zen

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Enhanced Zen

Antelope Audio’s portable recording interface, Zen Studio, has been upgraded to the Zen Studio+. The new unit claims the same 12 built-in microphone preamps, 64-bit acoustically focused clocking and I/O as its predecessor, but with added Thunderbolt connectivity and a range of hardware-based FPGA effects.

As well as Thunderbolt and USB ports, the hardware includes a pair each of dedicated re-amp outputs, headphone outputs, and monitor outputs. The 12 aforementioned mic preamps include hi-Z and line inputs, while there is also an additional eight inputs and outputs on DB25 and the unit is further extendible via ADAT or S/PDIF.

Zen Studio+ also offers word clock input and output as well as an atomic input for upgrading to the manufacturer’s 10MX atomic clocks. It also features a customisable routing matrix and built in talkback capability.

The FPGA effects include EQs, compressors and guitar amplifiers. For EQs the manufacturer has modelled the Lang PEQ1, BAE 1073, 1084, 1023, UK69 as well as a number of other classic British and German vintage units. Zen Studio+ also offers the FET76 compressor.

Control of the solution is software based. Windows or Mac users can access the signal routing matrix, customisable presets and up to four independent mixes which are assignable to any output, as well as taking control of the unit’s FPGA effects. In addition, iOS and Android apps offer remote control for adjusting mic pre gain levels.


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