Epson’s entry-level projectors

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Epson’s entry-level projectors

Epson has recently unveiled three new entry-level projector models that emit up to 5,500 lumens of colour and white light output and offer a high contrast ratio of 15000:1, ideal for installation in larger venues under the banner of the EB-5000 series. These are the EB-5510, EB-5520W and EB-5530U. All three benefit from vertical and horizontal lens shift with improved zoom and focussing, provide more flexibility in mounting and aiding installation.

The three models differ in their resolution specifications, so that whereas the EB-5510 has a native resolution of XGA (1024 x 768), the EB-5520W’s is WXGA (1280 x 800) and the EB-5530U boasts WUXGA (1920 x 1200). Aside from that, the EB-5530U and EB-5520W share many of the same specifications, such as 50-inch to 300-inch wide and tele zoom functionality. The EB-5510, meanwhile, possesses 30-inch to 300-inch wide and tele zoom. Flexibility in all three units is delivered via an extended maximum vertical lens shift of 58 per cent and maximum horizontal lens of 38 per cent.

Each projector makes use of RGB liquid crystal shutter projection technology and features an eco-mode, which reportedly allows for a lamp life of approximately 10,000 hours. While this makes lamp replacement a rare occurrence, when it does come to change the bulb or the filter, the ergonomic design that Epson has developed for this series is said to enable easy access that means HOW technicians will not have to uninstall the projector from the ceiling.

The EB-5520W and EB-5530U both feature compatibility with a wide range of external devices as a result of their HDMI and HDBaseT connectivity. The HDBaseT connections can transmit Full HD video, audio and Ethernet using standard Cat-5e and Cat-6 cables. The EB-5510 also includes HDMI ports, but forfeits the HDBaseT connections.

Another feature shared by the EB-5520W and EB-5530U is the Miracast function that offers the ability to project content from compatible smart devices and laptops wirelessly, without the need to install any special software. This is achieved with the manufacturer’s iProjection application, built in to each model. It allows for the simple wireless control and transmission of Full HD video and sound from a connected device, removing the complications that arise in installing a physical connection setup, which can cause plenty of hassle regarding the aesthetics in many houses of worship.

The EB-500 series projectors include split screen functionally, allowing for the display of two images simultaneously, side-by-side. They are all designed to automatically power on once a signal is detected and firmware updates will be available periodically, which can be installed either across a LAN network, or by inserting a USB memory stick storing the update into the projector.

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