Extron scales up to 4K

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Extron scales up to 4K

Vector 4K is the name given to the latest scaling engine from Extron, its first designed for 4K signal processing and applications. The technology is capable of both upscaling content to 4K resolution and downscaling existing 4k content to HD.

Reported features include bicubic scaling, 30-bit colour depth, and 4:4:4 chroma sampling, while scalers and video processors that incorporate Vector 4K also boast EDID and HDCP management. The technology is featured in Extron’s DTP CrossPoint 4K series of scaling presentation matrix switchers, plus the XTP SFR HD 4K receiver.

Also new from Extron is an HDMI to USB scaling bridge named the MediaPort 200. Intended for use in either the integration of pro A/V sources or systems with software codec conferencing, the unit reportedly ‘works seamlessly’ with generic USB video and audio drivers.

Additionally, an HDMI input with HDCP-compliant loop through accepts signals up to 1920 x 1200, and scales video to a USB 2.0 output. Program and mic inputs are included plus HDMI audio de-embedding and USB bidirectional audio, AEC reference and line level outputs. DSP options comprise EQ, filters, mixing, dynamics, and ducking.

Elsewhere in the range, the 16x16 DXP 1616 HD 4K and 16x18 DXP 168 HD 4K are the first two models in a new range of HDMI matrix switchers for resolutions up to 4K. Both are HDCP compliant and support data rates to 10.2Gbps, plus ‘Deep Colour’ up to 12-bit, 3D, and HD lossless audio formats. Features onboard include audio de-embedding, ‘SpeedSwitch’, key minder and EDID minder plus automatic input cable equalisation and output reclocking.

Moving on, the DTP T DSW 4K Series of three input switchers is now shipping, allowing users to send DisplayPort, HDMI, or VGA, audio, and control over a shielded Cat-x cable to Extron DTP-enabled products. The two transmitters can send signals up to 70m or 100m via HDBaseT. Both models support resolutions up to 4K plus analogue stereo audio embedding and RS-232 remote control. Additional features include EDID Minder, input auto-switching, audio input assignment, and bidirectional RS-232 and IR pass-through.

Two new models have also been added to the SMP 351 Streaming Media Processor line-up, both offering 400GB of internal solid state storage. All SMP 351 models feature five inputs for combining a number of sources into a single presentation. Running on Extron's FlexOS operating system, to which applications can be uploaded, the system requires no licence fees.

Finally, new versions of the company’s DTP floor box transmitters have been unveiled with analogue stereo audio embedding, named the DTP T FB 232 and DTP T FB 332. Both two-input transmitters send HDMI or VGA, audio, and control up to 70m or 100m over a shielded Cat-x cable. Compatible with floor boxes from OBO Bettermann, MK by Honeywell, Electraplan, and PUK, they can embed stereo analogue audio onto the digital video signal for transport over DTP.