FBT adds to its Pro designs

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FBT adds to its Pro designs

Consisting of 10-, 12- and 15-inch two-way models, FBT’s new X-Pro series of passive speakers combine ergonomic handles, M10 flying points, a monitor taper design and a full protective grille. Housed in plywood enclosures with an internal ply reinforcement, the three cabinets are finished with an extra-texture paint and anti-scratch coating.

The HF 1 compression drivers with 1- and 1.4-inch voice coils are coupled to a 80-degrees horizontal x 50-degrees vertical constant directivity horn which can be rotated to vary the speaker’s angle of coverage (35-degrees or 45-degrees monitor taper). The 400W RMS rated X Pro 15 bass reflex design is capable of producing a maximum SPL of 126dB within a 53Hz to 20KHz frequency response.

The 300W RMS rated X Pro 12 and X Pro 10 cabinets can reportedly produce up to 125dB SPL within a 56/68Hz to 20kHz spectrum.

The Italian manufacturer has also extended its Promaxx range of portable PA enclosures by developing a gas-injected polypropylene moulded cabinet, equipped with customised FBT speakers and B&C compression drivers. The LF sections of the active versions are driven by a 350W (AES) RMS rated customised Class-D amplifier module with switch-mode power supply, whilst the HF element is powered by a 100W (AES) RMS rated Class-H/AB design module.

The DSP settings can be accessed from a menu-driven graphical user interface located on the rear of the enclosure via a single rotary control with push-to-select functionality. Included are six equaliser presets, together with two custom preset slots, using five parametric equalisers per slot. A high-pass filter, mic/line selector, low/mid/high tone settings and an optional delay (0 and 3.5m) are also available together with two limiter modes (Max-SPL or Max-Quality). The rear control panel incorporates balanced XLR jack inputs, an XLR link out, volume and RCA stereo controls.

Operating within a frequency spectrum ranging from 45Hz to 20kHz and weighing 17.4kg, the Promaxx 114A combines a 14-inch LF neodymium magnet woofer and a 1.4-inch exit throat compression driver coupled to a 90-degrees x 60-degrees (horizontal x vertical) constant directivity horn. The 14.8kg Promaxx 112A integrates a 12-inch woofer and 1-inch HF compression driver that is capable of producing a maximum of 131dB SPL. Finally, the Promaxx 110A 10-inch version operates within a 58Hz to 20kHz spectrum and weighs 10.3kg. Versatilty is provided in the form of a 35mm pole mount slot, M10 suspension points and wall bracket mount flange plates. The three passive versions include crossovers with soft-trip protections for the LF woofer and HF driver together with SpeakOn NL-4 In and Link Out connectors.


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