Flagship functionality in a two channel receiver

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Flagship functionality in a two channel receiver

With Digital 6000, Sennheiser has brought the same long-range mode and proprietary Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec of its flagship Digital 9000 wireless microphone system to a two-channel receiver with associated handheld and bodypack transmitters.

The series comprises a two-channel receiver in two different versions, a bodypack and a handheld transmitter as well as a rack-mount 19-inch charging unit. The digital two-channel receiver works across a switching bandwidth of 244MHz (470 to 714MHz), which is covered by three transmitter versions (470 to 558MHz, 550 to 638MHz, and 630 to 718MHz). Up to eight receiver units can be daisy-chained without the need for an additional antenna splitter as the multi-channel system will work with a single pair of antennas and the system latency is a reported 3ms.

The system offers true bit diversity, transmission error correction and additional intelligent error concealment for reliability while security is covered by AES 256 encryption. Digital 6000 also features automatic frequency set-up function and works with the manufacturer’s Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) control and monitoring software.

The Digital 6000 receiver is fitted with a white OLED display, which gives a quick overview of the RF signal, link quality, audio signal, battery status, frequency and encryption. Several home screens provide access to further information and critical operating conditions and error messages are directly indicated on the display.

The system works with standard active and passive UHF antennas, as the frequency-selective antenna filters are contained in the EM 6000 receiver. According to Sennheiser, this means that existing antenna infrastructures can continue to be used.

The SKM 6000 handheld transmitter is fitted with Sennheiser’s standard capsule interface and can therefore be combined with all the microphone heads from the evolution wireless Series, the 2000 Series, and also the 9000 Series heads. The transmitters use the same rechargeable accupacks as the Digital 9000 units.

The L 6000 charger is a 1U device that can be fitted with up to four charging modules, each of which recharges two bodypack or two handheld batteries, respectively. Three-coloured LEDs on the front panel give a quick overview of the charging process. The L 6000 charging unit can also be used for Digital 9000.

The solution can reportedly integrate into digital or analogue system infrastructures as the EM 6000 receiver is fitted with a digital AES3 output, transformer-balanced analogue XLR-3 outputs and ¼-inch jack outputs. The Dante version of the receiver offers an additional Amphenol RJ-45 connector for integration into a Dante network.


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