Flexlite NXG fits right in

Published: PRODUCTS

Flexlite NXG fits right in

Pixelflex has been working to develop its existing LED video technology, resulting in all models of its Flexlite NXG panels having been upgraded with the inclusion of front-serviceable video panels, as well as right-angle corner capabilities. The manufacturer states that the addition of front-serviceable panels allows for ‘quick and easy access to perform any onsite adjustments’. Meanwhile, users are now able to build LED video cubes or to setup screens in the corner of a space due to Flexlite NXG’s ability to fit right-angles.

‘For many LED video environments, designers often want to wrap around a corner or possibly a column,’ explains Pixelflex director of marketing David Venus. ‘With our right-angle capabilities, this is now a reality. Additionally, many times in an LED video installation it's simply not possible to easily access the back of the panels once the screen has been put in place. With our new fully front-serviceable panels, it now only takes a few minutes to complete any adjustments for the Flexlite NXG without the hassle of removing the entire tile.’

Flexlite NXG panels are 500mm x 500mm, constructed with a die-cast aluminium frame. Pitch options are between 2.6mm and 6.25mm, with a 6.25mm IP65 version also available.