Follow the North-Star

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Follow the North-Star

Radial Engineering has designed the North-Star specifically for rock-oriented country music guitarists. It is a combination overdrive and power booster that the manufacturer states is ‘suited to a number of genres with tone-shaping features that allow players to adjust the sonic characteristics’.

North-Star possesses Drive and Level controls to adjust distortion and output level. Its Tone knob allows for the tailoring of a musician’s overdrive frequency response and a three-position Range switch provides amplification control. The boost circuit supplies up to 24dB of clean gain and engaging with the boost footswitch adds an effects loop to the signal path.

Radial’s Texas-Pro also combines a guitar overdrive with a clean booster circuit, providing power and flexibility for musicians and engineers. The pedalboard friendly cabinet includes the manufacturer’s Class-A buffering circuit to allow the drive of multiple pedals and enabling longer cable runs.

The overdrive section facilitates a range of tonal variations and offers individual controls for drive, output level and tone. Also included is a range switch with three positions enabling the selection of overdrive style. The boost circuit, meanwhile, can add up to 22dB of clean gain and delivers a built-in effects loop. Users are able to activate the booster with a delay or chorus pedal simultaneously.

In an update to Radial’s Hot-British tube distortion pedal, Hot-British V9 is built with a smaller chassis to fit on crowded pedalboards easier than its predecessor. It is powered by a 9V supply and also includes a Class-A buffering circuit. In addition to Drive controls for the input level and distortion, it includes a Contour knob for changing the character of the distortion. A three-position Mid Boost switch and a Top End switch are also found on the unit.

Sticking with the British theme, Regency is the latest in the manufacturer’s Tonebone pedal line and reportedly ‘acts as a pre-emphasis for mid and high gain amps’. It includes two modes: pre-drive, which offers high output, low distortion overdrive, and Class-A boost that delivers up to 18dB of gain. These modes can also be used simultaneously.

Away from guitars, the Key-Largo us a compact combination keyboard mixer, DAC, effects loop and remote control. With pedal format, the system also delivers a computer interface. It is equipped with three stereo in put channels, all with a level control and an effects send. A USB connection serves as the fourth input, enabling laptop connectivity. Stereo ¼-inch outputs can feed stage monitors and balanced isolated outputs are for the main PA system. MIDI connection ports are also available on the side of the unit.

Finally, Radial has introduced the LX-2 passive line splitter and attenuator and the LX-3 passive line splitter. The LX-3 is capable of sending an audio signal to up to three destinations at the same time, while the LX-2 facilitates the sending of a single source to two destination and has the ability to attenuate the input signal, as well as the tame hot outputs, from the mixing desk or mic pre-amp.

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