From cameras to screens with Panasonic

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From cameras to screens with Panasonic

Panasonic has launched new products covering both ends of the visual signal chain.

First are its compact HD remote cameras including the AW-HE120, AW-HE2, AWHE60 and AW-RP120. The AW-HE120 is a lightweight SD/HD pan-tilt camera system supporting both SDI and HDMI. IP connection enables flexible system configurations, simple connections and settings. The AW-HE120 is particularly suited to live production and performance scenarios.

The AW-HE2 is a low-cost model enabling video over IP. It incorporates a 1/4.37 (Effective) type, 14-megapixel MOS sensor and the ultra-high resolution technology to achieve approximately 2x iA zoom. It features electronic pan/tilt /zoom controls and a wide angle of 95-degrees and is equipped with a preset memory for up to nine points. Additionally, it contains an HDMI terminal and can output multiple HD/SD format signals supporting the Full-HD progressive output (1080p).

The AW-HE60 series of HD integrated cameras are equipped with a 1/3 type Full-HD MOS sensor.  Multiple HD/SD format signals can be outputted and the video output interfaces include; HD/SD SDI output (AW-HE60S only), HDMI digital video output supporting the 1080p output (AW-HE60H only), analogue component (D-sub15 pin) output, and analogue composite output. They incorporate the dynamic range stretch (DRS) function to minimise saturation in highlights and blocking in dark areas and the hybrid digital noise reduction (Hybrid DNR) function for suppressing afterimages even in dimly lit situations.

The AW-RP120 is Panasonic’s latest remote camera controller, and supports a variety of the manufacturer’s remote camera systems. IP connection allows a system configuration for controlling up to 100 remote cameras and the simultaneous use of multiple controllers. A new joystick enables high response pan and tilt operation and a newly designed control panel adds colour adjustment dials. A preset memory with a new batch recall function and tracing memory allow single-person operation.

Sitting in the middle of the signal chain is Panasonic’s new digital video switcher, the AW-HS50. It is equipped with four SDI inputs, one DVI-D input, two SDI outputs and one DVI-D output. Despite its half rack size, the switcher provides professional HD production with its built-in multi-viewer display function, which lets users select from eight split-screen patterns, and frame synchroniser.

Panasonic Visual System Solutions has also announced the TH-55LFV50 videowall displays. It offers a bezel to bezel of just 5.3mm – the slimmest in the industry – as well as high visibility, low power consumption and a robust design.

The TH-55LFV50 has a brightness of 800cd/sq-m and an IPS D-LED panel that provides a wide viewing angle. It has a screen depth of 122mm, weighs in at 36kg and the LAN control system reduces the need for access and can help simplify cabling requirements. It offers a strong metal frame that is shock-resistant and can prevent deformation through heat. Additionally, a special packing design enhances robustness during transport and protects the unit from continuous vibration.

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