Genelec’s 1032 meets SAM

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Genelec’s 1032 meets SAM

Joining the 1032A and 1032B in Genelec’s 1000 Series of two-way nearfield monitors is the 1032C, which brings Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) technology to the range, as well as improvements including a digital input, higher SPL and increased low frequency extension. As with the previous models, the 1032C is designed for music recording , postproduction and broadcast studio applications with the same drivers, acoustic and soffit-mountable design.

SAM allows the 1032C to operate together with the entire range of ‘Smart Active’ monitors to create recallable networks. The studio monitor benefits from features such as video delay compensation, level calibration and input sensing for automatic power saving and Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) wake up functionality.

The C model also gains the use of Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software. Users can use the app to facilitate optimal sound quality by taking into account factors such as placement and time of flight anomalies.

Building upon its forefathers the 1032C includes custom Class-D amplification which has reportedly resulted in a 2.4kg weight reduction, a switch mode power supply, an improved maximum SPL of 114dB and a frequency response between 40Hz and 20kHz. Its tweeter and woofer power amplifiers are rated at 150W and 250W respectively.

‘The original 1032 was much-loved for the high SPL it offered and the finesse that it delivered,’ said Siamäk Naghian, Genelec managing director. ‘By incorporating the latest technologies, the 1032C brings those same advantages into the modern studio environment.’

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