Grass Valley cuts costs with upgradeable LDX cameras

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Grass Valley cuts costs with upgradeable LDX cameras

Designed with a strong focus on reducing operational costs, Grass Valley has launched its LDX Series of high quality, upgradeable cameras. Initially comprising the LDX Première, LDX Elite and LDX WorldCam, the range is based on three completely new, third-generation CMOS imagers: Grass Valley’s Xensium-FT.

Boasting an ergonomic design with time saving features such as improved colour management and automated controls, the series offers a 1,080p50/60 performance, full compatibility with the manufacturer’s line of 3G transmission solutions and 1,080p/1,080i/720p images.

Starting with the LDX WorldCam, this is a flexible multi-format camera system offering an advanced feature set, making it suitable for demanding applications. This model provides 1,080p production without the challenge of additional lighting requirements.

Meanwhile, the LDX Elite is a multi-format camera system that takes on a host of artistic features for high-end production in all the different 1.5G video formats, including 1,080psf. It employs advanced ComfortPad ergonomics as well as additional controls for gamma and depth of field. Lastly, the LDX Première is an economical and cost effective dual-format HD camera optimised for all basic broadcast applications.

Key features across the range include ArtTouch – designed to significantly enhance the creative possibilities of the camera within live broadcast productions, and the inclusion of a PickMe button, which enables a camera operator to attract a director’s attention. Additional features include an Endless Returns feature, a Scene Direct function, full remote control over all camera functions via any IP-link using Connect Gateway and the incorporation of DigiTally.

A ComfortPad shoulder pad can be found on each model, which has been developed in close co-operation with physiotherapists and camera operators from around the world.

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