Hortus Audio offers a flexible solution with Curve series

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Hortus Audio offers a flexible solution with Curve series

Hortus Audio aims to offer an alternatively shaped solution with the Curve series, a two way passive and full range cabinet. It is a fixed installation unit designed for use in bars, restaurants and contemporary interiors and is available in a range of colour finishes. Fixable onto ceilings and floors in both horizontal and vertical positions, the cabinet can be used in multiple configurations, including use as a line array. The two variations in the series include the BZ-5 and BZ-6, and can be combined with a bass reinforcement unit should more efficiency be required.

The BZ-5 boasts 160W of AES power, 320W of programme power and 450W peak power. In addition, it measures 370mm x 241mm x 144mm and has a frequency range of 50Hz to 20,000Hz. It has a single five-inch speaker as well as one two-inch speaker. Meanwhile, the BZ-6 has 200W of AES power, 400W of programme power and 560W peak power. It is bigger than the BZ-5, measuring 452 mm x 288mm x 154mm, but has the same frequency range. It also has a single six inch loudspeaker and two three-inch loudspeakers.


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